Faced with too many Interior Design decisions?

Like most people, when it comes to designing a space you know exactly what you like and what you don’t like; however – like most people – you have no idea how to pull it all together, or even where to start! Am I right? (Hey, this ain’t my first rodeo!)

You’d love to hire an interior designer, but you’re terrified that a professional will deplete your entire savings on a vintage foot stool or some other ridiculous non practical item. I get it, and it’s true… Full Service Interior Design is a luxury service that doesn’t always fit the budget of the average home owner. And yeah, you could go with Modsy or some other generic online service, but you’re looking for the next level up… you’d rather work with a known Interior Designer with year’s of experience. Sound like you?

Well sit back, take a deep breath and relax because KODA’s Virtual Designer is the answer you’ve been waiting for!

Interest Peaked?

Great! Now for the details…
Choosing the right colors

KODA’s Virtual Designer is a higher-end e-design service and is based on the DIY approach to getting a customized, professional look.

We create the design and then provide you with the guidance and tools you’ll need to install the design plan yourself.

You will achieve a luxurious, unique space that complements your personal aesthetics and avoids the higher costs associated with having us hands-on from start to finish.

Sounds good, right?

Virtual Interior Designer


  • Have a budget of at least $15K+.
  • Need help with 2-3 rooms, a kitchen and/or bathroom(s), or just furniture and basic decor for a small condo or single family home. 
  • Do NOT require major renovation for the space(s). (Ex. Moving structural walls)  
  • Prefer to reduce costs, but not compromise on quality. 
  • Have a love for DIY projects, and don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty to complete the design, OR 
  • Already have a contractor to run your project and who will implement the design plan for you.

Then KODA’s Virtual Designer is for you!

Still need a little more clarity on how it works? Let’s Take It Step By Step…

  1. Introductory Call- Book a complimentary introductory call with us to discuss your design ideas and see if we’re a match for your vision. 
  2. Homework- You’ll be taking measurements (we send you a helpful how to guide), photos, putting together Pinterest or Houzz boards, and filling out our project details form.
  3. Virtual Tour- A video call that will allow us to view the space(s), and discuss your design ideas in-depth.
  4. Mood Board- To ensure we are on the same page, we will send you a digital moodboard of the look and feel we believe you are going for in the space(s).
  5. Magic Time- Upon your approval, we work to create your dream design plan over the next few weeks. 
  6. Special Delivery- Receive your complete, customized design package in the mail. Inside, you’ll have:
    • Simple 3D plans of each space (if requested).
    • Easy to follow, to scale floor plans. (Note: though, we do not provide plans for permitting, your contractor can use these as a resource to begin.) 
    • Design Boards- A collage of all the selected items, such as furniture, fixtures and decor. 
    • Shopping List- A detailed list of the exact items you’ll need, including dimensions, finish specs, price, and vendor information. A digital version with links will also be provided.  
    • Samples- A collection of swatches for paint, fabric, tile, and/or all other materials to be used in the design.

7. Follow-up Phone Call- Jump on a call with us to review your design, give feedback and review alternatives for any items you weren’t too excited about.

8. Wrap-up Video Call- A complimentary, one hour video call (if needed) for an in-depth, final consultation during the latter days of installation. 

Our packages start at $1300 and are dependent on the size of the room, existing conditions and extent of design wants/needs (Ex. furniture & space planning only vs full kitchen gut and remodel). We can give you an exact price once we review the information you provide.